Top 10 Sad Songs

Someone once called me a robot since I never understood how people can cry for sad song or sad movies. But what I experienced some time before made me realize why there are as many (or maybe more) sad songs as other kinds of songs.

I got this idea from High Fidelity, the movie I just watched and really like. Here are my top 10 sad songs of all time...

10. รักที่เพิ่งผ่านพ้นไป - Groove Rider
This song just hit right to the spot. Same place, same atmosphere, same music, same type of drink don't matter... without the same person.

9. โลกที่ไม่มีฉัน - Portrait
Everyone has one's own world. You can share the world with someone else. But when the world is getting spoiled, maybe it's time for the other person will just have to bite bullet and walk away.

8. เปลี่ยนไปทุกอย่าง - Friday
I was embarrassed at a concert by this song once. Having someone can gradually change your life. Losing someone can also be life-changing, but in a quicker and much more painful way.

7. ความเจ็บปวด - Palmy
Someone who's gotta go must go. When there's nothing you can do, it's better to accept the pain and learn to live with the change. Time will heal, you will be stronger and the world will be beautiful... eventually.

6. เจ็บจนวันนี้ - Bodyslam
I heard from somewhere that, to get over someone, it will take half the duration of your relationship. It's not really the case. No one can tell how long the pain is going to last. They key is definitely to let go. The longer you try to hold, the longer it will take and the worse it's going to hurt.

5. ยื้อ - Pause / Flure
It's just the worst position where anyone can be.

4. รักเก่าๆ - Soul after Six
Things are way too complicated especially in the subject of love. Most of the time when you have to make any decision, just follow your heart and leave the other out of your decision. Yes, it's cruel but at least it's better, for both, in the long run.

3. เกี่ยวกับเรา - Fin / Morning Surfer
Relationship is always about two people. If it's not working, it's still about two people even though there's someone else involved. Maybe because it's not the best match. Maybe because it's just bad-timing. Just end it where it started... at least friendship can still remain.

A lot of people asked me why I wasn't angry of what happened. I think if I have to be angry, it would have to be at myself. Maybe I was too careless, maybe I was a jerk, maybe, like Juno said, we just didn't try hard enough.

2. ปิดประตู - Boy Traibumirat (via Friday)
When you hit the bottom in your emotion, it's not at all a bad thing to close the door and just cry your friggin' heart out. You don't need any pretty reason. You can say you're just sad.

Someone needs to keep lyrics sheet and pen away from this guy. His sad songs can definitely kill. It's the second song from Friday that made it to this list. Major portion of the credit should just go to Boy Traibumirat. Other hard-hitting songs are ส่งแค่นี้, and recently-released ผูกพัน (special thanks to someone who tearfully introduced this song to me).

1. ช่วงที่ดีที่สุด - Boyd/Pod
Love is easy during the happy times. But when things get rough, it's hard but memorable at the same time. These difficult times show how much two people love each other. It's just a great feeling when you look back at them to see how you could get through it. After things ended, the past memories can come and haunt you once in a while. Good memories can hurt. Bad memories can hurt even more. But it's definitely worthwhile that, once in your life, you have lived through these "best moments".

I shouldn't have believed Boyd Kosiyapong when he said in the interview that he couldn't write any sad songs since he doesn't want it to make himself sad. I trusted him by playing his new album at the most fragile moment, hoping it's going to cheer me up. The little holding hand, the movie tickets, the messages exchanged across the world, cost-sensitive student trips, crying on the phone... all these flashbacked.

--- Sad songs are not bad if you know how to use it properly. They remind you that you still have heart. They give the meaning to some unknown pain. They can even help you move on during the most difficult time of your life.


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What an emotional post! It's sad but hope things move on to the right direction. Good luck! Oh, great post.

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dude you probably listen to more Thai music than me.

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The sad part is that I can't understand any of the lyrics :(

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whoah so emotional mayne! i'm thai but i hate thai songs most of thai songs all about pain unloveable broken heart unhappy shit...