Dude... Where is my country?

After over four years of highly corrupted government which still shows damage to the economy and one coup that dilute the value of our democracy, now he's back.


It's extremely sad to see the wasted two-year attempt of trying to improve political situation in Thailand. I still think that having a business Prime Ministers is good for the country since they can get things done faster and more effectively. However, ethic, honesty and love to the country are still the top qualities that any politicians must have.

The biggest problem in Thai political system is that there are several parties that try to just maximize their own benefits...

Q: Why do Thai politicians cross the road?
A: Because the other side gives them better position to be in the government and better chance for spots in a minister

One of few things that the ousted PM Thaksin said and I agree is:

There is no true friend or permanent enemy in Thai politics.

Only god knows what's going to happen next. I don't think there's anything we can do except to hope that the system is going to sort itself out. Another coup would do more damage than help to the country.

Give us back our country. There has to be the point that enough is enough.

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keng said...


Will Thai Politics ever develop?

The constitution must close as many loop holes as possible.

What's the point of dissovling the party but allowing members to setup another?

What's the point of banning the husband but allowing the wifes, offsprings, drivers and maids to be nominee?